Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cupcakes Anonymous: Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery

401 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 462-2572

Many believe Magnolia to be the Holy Grail of cupcakes, and I mostly agree. B and I never fail to make the pilgrimage to Magnolia every time we visit (it’s not tough – they are open until 12:30 AM on the weekends!) We always buy way too many cakes, try to shove them in our carryon bags, and then eat the mashed little wounded soldiers when we get home. Still good!

The cake is tasty (if a little dense sometimes) and the buttercream frosting can’t be beat (plus there is always A LOT of frosting). The shop itself is super cute (vintage mixers and retro kitchen gadgets abound) and the neighborhood couldn’t be better. There’s even a park across the street to sit and commence the sugar shock.

• Really excellent frosting. My favorite, by far.
• Red Velvet. Best flavor.
• Cute shop and surroundings
• Easy hours
• Featured in one of my favorite SNL Digital Shorts, Lazy Sunday (google it) SNACK ATTACK!

• Cake sometimes dry/dense
• Lines often long
• Tourist attraction

Bottom line:

If you have the time, absolutely go there. Realize though that on the weekends you will probably stand in a line that snakes around the corner. It moves pretty fast, but it can be excruciating standing there with the smells just taunting you.

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An Atlanta Bride said...

I went to Magnolia Bakery when I visited NYC for New Years a few years ago. Yummy cupcakes! Ate one in a small park across the street, and got another one to eat back at the hotel :)