Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Introducing... Loverrific!

What is Loverrific? Well, first it's a word that I made up to describe things that make me very excited. Things that I covet; drool-worthy items seem made just for me (see my post on crochted candy corn).

And, Loverrific is also the name of my Etsy Store!

Loverrific... Fashion for Your Fridge

Click HERE to go to the Loverrific Store on Etsy

A few of my creations:

The inspiration behind Loveriffic came from my huge collection of fabric scraps. Some vintage, all FABULOUS. There really isn't a lot you can do with little squares of fabric, but I couldn't bear to part with it. I had been to a craft fair a while back where I purchased some really great refrigerator magnets that were made from great magazine clippings. I thought, hey! Why can't I do that with fabric? So, Loveriffic was born. I love doing it, and each set comes straight from my heart. Most are made from fabric, but some are made from magazine clippings (I currently have a wedding series, surprise surprise). Check out the stock early and often, as I'm constanly discovering new fabric (My fabric stash is a bottomless pit. I'm serious.) Or, if you are looking for a particular color or design scheme, purty please let me know. I'm sure I can hook you up.

Magnet Girl

Friday, February 22, 2008


I'm not calling them undies or lingerie anymore... it's all about underpinnings.

This might fall into the TMI category, but here are my wedding underpinnings:

Corset bra thing

btw, this is not me.

This is not my actual bra, because I found mine on sale at Loehman's, but these are so generic, you get the idea.

Here's the real pizazz:

Honeydew Rumba Panties (can be found at Nordstrom,, or if you're in SF, Red Dot)

I bought these lovelies a loooong time ago, because I thought "something blue" and they certainly will make B laugh. The pictured version is gingham, but mine are actually tiny blue hearts and polka dots. PERFECTION, I TELL YOU! Hearts, polka dots and ruffles. Really, could a girl ask for more?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Working On My Fitness

I am a very goal-oriented person. If I can visualize the postive outcome, I can get through the grunt work effort. The wedding has been a perfect catalyst for getting in better shape, because as my a$$ is shaking and my arms feel limp, I simply picture my rockin' bod in my wedding dress and I can power through.

This will power of course does NOT cross over to food and dieting, but I'm trying. Eating less Cheetos counts, right?

Anyway, along with one of my fab bridesmaids, I am now committed to attending Bar Method classes (see at LEAST 3x per week. For anyone out there in SF, LA or Chicago -- you must check it out! If you want quick turnaround kick it into shape kind of stuff, this is for you. Your muscles will ache. You will feel as if you can't go on. But you can, and you will feel amazing. Coming from someone who does NOT like to exercise in groups, this is high praise. I have been taking the classes on and off (mostly off) for the past year, and I instantly notice a difference in my body (and weirdly, my skin) after I start up again.

Anywhoots, that's my rant for the day. Hope yours was a good one.

EDIT: The Bar Method is an exercise class that combines ballet, pilates, yoga, etc etc. Basically, you are using your own body weight as resistance. Crazzzy.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm a-scared of my hair

It's about 6 months until the big day, and what is my latest obsession? Guest lists, eh. Menu, whatev. Bands, welp, almost done deal.

Lately it's all about Hair Hair Hair.

Mostly, I have nightmares that it will look like this:

no no no.. Amy Winehouse

This deep-rooted fear dates way back to 1997. It's the homecoming dance. I have an awesome dress, sweet makeup, and some fab acessories. I had an image in my head of an elegant french twist, very simple and clean.

There were two things that went horribly wrong on this important night in my adolescent life:
1) My date was awful. He went down in history as The Wet Mop. And he strongly resembled a monkey. (It was a semi-blind date setup. Because I was that lame.)

I think all of the evidence was destroyed, but for posterity, I will look and see if I can find a pic and post it later.

I already have a large head. You might say, wha? Not its fine. Seriously people, doctors have commented on its largeness. I can't wear normal hats. So large hair + large head = badddd.

So, after I left the salon teased and sprayed to high heaven, I went home and cried. Cried and Cried. Cried because I was too shy to say I didn't like it. Cried because my mom had to shell out $30 for it. Cried because that's what you do when you are 15 and you feel like everyone is going to laugh at you (which my brother did. And then I cried again.) I think I ended up trying to tame it with some water, but it didn't help much, and there wasn't much time.

Enough "My Diary". So everytime I think about my wedding hair, I worry that I'll end up with something terrible. In my mind, I'd like to end up looking like this:

Or this:

Perhaps this:

So lets all cross our fingers. And if anyone has some east bay stylist recommendations, PLEASE send them my way!