Friday, February 22, 2008


I'm not calling them undies or lingerie anymore... it's all about underpinnings.

This might fall into the TMI category, but here are my wedding underpinnings:

Corset bra thing

btw, this is not me.

This is not my actual bra, because I found mine on sale at Loehman's, but these are so generic, you get the idea.

Here's the real pizazz:

Honeydew Rumba Panties (can be found at Nordstrom,, or if you're in SF, Red Dot)

I bought these lovelies a loooong time ago, because I thought "something blue" and they certainly will make B laugh. The pictured version is gingham, but mine are actually tiny blue hearts and polka dots. PERFECTION, I TELL YOU! Hearts, polka dots and ruffles. Really, could a girl ask for more?


Anonymous said...

Yay! Every girl feels pretty in special underpinnings. I went shopping with a friend in fashion and we talked about underpinnings until it was engrained in my vocabulary. Double hooray for the ruffles. TRIPLE hooray for some posts!

east side bride said...

Wow! Now I have to read on to find out what your dress looks like... These won't be bumpy underneath??

katie the lady said...

ha! I have a full skirt -- but -- I am sewing my own slip to go underneath so no one sees my blue hearts :) I'll certainly post on that