Friday, September 21, 2007

A flawless face

On the makeup roll --

Faced with a no plans Friday night, I decided to do something I haven't done in the longest time: play with makeup!

As mentioned in my post earlier today, I may be doing my own wedding day makeup. I have one major request: a flawless face. No blemishes, smooth as silk, glowing perfection. If this must be done through layers of makeup, so be it. I really am concentrating on my skincare regimen (more on this later) to put my best canvas forward, but you never know with my skin. One day clear, the next day landmines.

So here's what I came up with:

1. Start with a light application of Oil of Olay Definity Foam - found at your local drugstore (for a touch of shimmer and glow). This is light and airy as well as moisturizing, a good alternative to the Philosophy Hope in a Jar. Wait 2 minutes before step 2 to allow foam to set in.

2. Trouble shoot any blemished areas with concealer (I like Laura Mercier - Department stores).

3. Apply Loreal True Match Foundation (drugstores - I use color N3) liberally with a taclon bristled foundation brush (I reccommend Cargo # 20 - Sephora) making sure to blend into hairline and along jawline in an upward sweeping motion. Wait 2 minutes for foundation to set into skin.

4. Pat just a bit of transclucent powder under your eyes (Laura Mercier)

5. Apply eyeshadow primer to the eyelid with your ring finger (Benefit's F.Y. Eye is best).

6. Draw a pencil thin line of liquid eyeliner close to your lash line (I use Physician's Formula Eye Definer Felt Tip Eye Marker in Ultra Black)

7. Using the lighter shade of Loreal's HIP Shadow Duo in Shady, apply all over the lid and slightly above the crease with a wide brush (I like Cargo # 8 - Sephora). Using the darker shade, apply only to crease and slightly into the lashline with a small shadow brush, forming a squished letter "c".

8. Curl your eyelashes.

9. Apply mascara and comb out clumps.

10. Apply individual false eyelashes (see a tutorial on You Tube).

11. Use Benefit's Brow Zing to fill in brows.

12. Use Benefit's High Brow highlighting pencil just above browbone (blend well) and in the inner corner of the eye for a pop.

13. Dot Benefit's Benetint cheek stain from apple to the corner of the eye. Blend.

14. Apply Benefit's Benetint stain to lips (double duty!) Top lips with clear gloss.

Voila! Simple but pretty and camera-ready face. I forgot how much fun this was! Plus B said I look pretty ;) and that's all that counts.


Looking at this picture, next time I will probably go a little heavier on the eye shadow and apply mascara to my bottom lashes. I will also fill in (and tame! sheesh) my unruly eyebrows. I might also try some Benefit Glamazon bronzer under the foundation. Ah - another day.

Closeup of my falsies: