Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh, The Martha

So, one wedding related thing that I just can't WAIT to do is to go and register for gifts. I don't say this in a blood thirsty "GIVE ME PRESENTS, DAMMIT!!!" kind of way, but more of a "It's just like shopping, but not spending any money" kind of way. In fact, I highly doubt we will get many things off our registry (I personally don't like to shop off of them) - I just SO look forward to using the scanner. I also think it would be great to pick one truly random strange item and register for it if only to delight (or confuse?) those poor souls using a valuable part of their weekend buying us a present.

I am still deciding which stores I want to take my business to, but Target is a clear front runner -- and now -- DUM DA DA DUM -- Macy's has a spankin' new Martha Stewart Collection!!!!!!!! Be still my heart! Check it out here (but be forewarned of strange floating talking Martha flash animation).

Linens, towels and serveware, OH MY! I especially love the bedding set above (however all white and Alex P. is not all that practical) and really just all the Martha goodness. It's like Kmart, but so much better.

Doesn't this look like so much fun?

So, back to my original point - Macy's is store # 2 on my list. And perhaps Amazon. And the folks at Williams Sonoma are just so friendly...


bride of rochester said...

we had target, and it was kinda disappointing. their packaging was horrendous (no padding. none.) and we had to return THREE things because they were damaged. A couple people had trouble ordering stuff from our registry online too... which all sucks, but I thought I should tell you!

I've heard Amazon is wonderful and that you can register for anything.

p.s. yay martha!

katie the lady said...

oh I had no idea about Target -- thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

I vote for crate and barrel...they have great dishes/silverware/and other fun stuff to decorate with. I don't know why I always tell people they should register there, but it might be because I like to live vicariously through people. The Martha stuff looks great!