Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Peachy Keen

photo borrowed from photos.com

After many iterations and deliberations, I have decided on my theme colors -- golden yellow, fiery orange and deep red (with accents of white, ivory, and sage). I was inpsired by a friend's beautifully simple wedding centerpieces - bowls filled with peaches! Pleasing to the eye, plus a snack, all rolled into one. Bonus.

So, my plan is to have 1/2 of my centerpieces as clear glass vases filled with peaches (pics to come) and a nice orange dupioni silk ribbon tied around (and perhaps some amber colored votives). Going for a warm summery feel - what is more summery than a peach - tell me!

The other 1/2 of the centerpieces will be low cylinder vases filled with white hydrangea and hypericum berries (with the same dupioni ribbon). Thanks Florals by Karen of Moraga for being awesome and meeting my *strict* budget guidlines.


Anonymous said...

Something I've always wondered about: why don't YOU (Katie) work for Martha Stewart? Seriously. I love that you were inspired by something so simple...who would have thought about using the colors of a peach? I think it's beautiful. Props.
-J. Ro

Melissa said...

where are you getting your dupioni ribbon? is your florist finding it for you? I'm looking for sage...