Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Krazy Katie's Krafty Korner

Woot! Finally finally I have my crafting area. We are one of few lucky city dwellers with x-tra large closets (we have 3 walk-ins) one of which I have always thought was just big enough to accommodate all of my crafting needs (and also house Alex P. Kitten's litterbox - so unglamorous). So we went to Ikea and bought a white cabinet with shelves and sliding doors (I *would* tell you which cabinet, but who can remember all of those svedka grundel wilkommen Swedish names? I do remember it cost $149). The white cabinet holds many baskets and rubbermaid boxes filled with stickers, thread, rubber stamps, oh my. Also at Ikea, we purchased 2 picture ledges whose sole purpose is to display and highlight my beloved collection of small toys and figurines (Jaime, thanks for Gumby and Goo. Sadly, Gumby has gone missing. I suspect Alex P. snatched him with his little paws and hid him somewhere).

Perhaps my favorite part of my crafting area is the ribbon rod. It's just like a fabric store! B and I put this together DIY-style. We went to our local Ace and found some rod holders that are actually "cafe curtain brackets" whatever those are. We purchased a thin wooden dowel to thread the ribbon spools onto and voila. Ribbon dispenser. (The picture below is B installing the brackets. What a good fiance).

And the end product...

So, notice the big stack o' wedding magazines in the first pic? Gotta get through those soon (my florist has instructed me to find pictures of bouquets. More on that later). Anywho, I can do a good amount of stamping and collage here, but unfortunately the dining room table is still the hot spot for sewing. Ah well.

Let the wedding crafting begin!

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Anonymous said...

so, I forgot what I was going to say...but you look HOT in those cheap-o sunglasses! Whoot!