Monday, October 8, 2007

DIY Ring Bearer Pillow

There is not an abundance of orange ring bearer pillows available out there, so what else could a girl do? Pull out the sewing machine, of course!


I found the most gorgeous orange dupioni silk on ebay for only $9.99/yard - a completely ridiculous price for such good quality silk (click here to check it out - the seller has a rainbow of colors). Then I found a super wide (3.5 inches) double faced ivory satin ribbon (need about a yard) and also a thinner matching ribbon (1 inch - also need about a yard). Additionally, you will need matching thread and some poly-fiberfill.


1.) Cut 2 squares of silk to desired size (I chose 6x6).

2.) Cut each ribbon in half.

3.) Take one wide and one thin ribbon and arrange the thin ribbon in the center and on top of the wide ribbon.

4.) On the "wrong" side of one of the silk squares, arrange both lined-up ribbons' ends in the middle of one side of the square with long ends pointing toward the middle of the square.

5.) Arrange the other silk square on top of the ribbon ("right" side up). (This can get a little slippery - be careful)

6.) Using a sewing machine, stitch over both layers of silk and ribbons, being sure to leave at least a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

7.) Repeat on other side. There will be a lot of ribbon on the inside of the squares.

8.) Finish sewing off the bottom seam of the squares.

9.) Sew the top, but leave a 3 inch opening for the stuffing.

10.) Turn the pillow right-side out.

11.) Stuff the pillow. I use a pencil (not too sharp) to get into the corners.

12.) Use a hand blind hemstitch to finish off the pillow.

You're done!

Now you have a pretty fat ribbon for a nice bow, and a thin ribbon to attach the rings (or "for show" rings - which is what I might do). I wrapped the wide ribbon around like a present and left the thin in the middle and trimmed the excess.

Pretty, right?

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