Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nobody puts Baby in the corner

B and I love to sit at weddings and make bets as to which songs will play during the course of the night. The chicken dance and Cotton-Eyed Joe are generally pretty safe bets, but we also have special "Celine Dion Categories" and the ever favorite Abba. Michael Buble is on the cusp of his own category as well. At the last wedding 2 weekends ago, we were pleasantly surprised during dinner by Pete Townshend's "Let My Love Open the Door"(enjoy the wacky YouTube video). I really REALLY really love this song.

I could go on for days on the interesting choices that couples make as far as songs go (I am very lyric-focused, so maybe I'm just unusual). "Into the Mystic" by Van Morrison is a common wedding offender. It's a great song, but its about death, people!

This couple also played "I Had the Time of My Life" (you know it - Dirty Dancing) as the last song, which was fantastic until B tried to show off his Swayze moves, lifting me up, and subsequently sharing my underwear with the entire room. Classy, no. Ridiculously fun, yes.

So, after the panty incident, B and I decided that we would DEFINITELY have the DD classic as our last song as well. Question is, what are our other "important" songs going to be? I know there is going to be serious push and pull on this one, because we both have such strong opinions on music.

My choices for first dance:

1) "Where Are You Going" by Dave Matthews Band (this has 9/11 undertones, but it has always reminded me of B. I listened to it obsessively the fall he was studying abroad. B might agree with this choice.)

2) "Eyes" by Rogue Wave (such a friggin beautiful song and -bonus- short. B will not agree because it is "too indie".)

3) "Something So Right" by Paul Simon (really wonderful in meaning, and sentimental b/c B included this in one his first CD compilations for me).

4) "The Man" by Pete Yorn and Natalie Maines. This is simply one of the most gorgeous songs, and if I could figure out what it is about, then I could def. convince B, because he loves it, too. (PS - you MUST click the link for this video - so touching. I cried)

So those are my thoughts -- what are yours? This is just ONE song...geez. I have a lot of work ahead of me!

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Anonymous said...

Hmm...I'm intrigued. You've always been my musical guru, and I love the Pete Yorn song, especially because it features my friend Nat. I think it's all about the past and the future and is completley appropriate for you wedding. I love it. Now I'm going to go look and try to add it to my myspace page...
-J. Ro