Tuesday, October 16, 2007

No Tschotskes, please

While I really do love the gilded leaf given to me at a recent wedding,
I'm not a huge fan of favors (besides the edible ones). I have SO MUCH
STUFF in my life, that I kinda get uncomfortable adding to other
people's "stuff" and potentially fill the landfill with unwanted tschotskes.

all images from the knot Willi and Jon's Wedding

In lieu of a traditional favor, we decided to have a classic photobooth! How super fun is that? We are BIG photobooth fans and take any and every opportunity to ham it up in one. The photo strips from early in our relationship (taken at Balboa) are some of the things I would grab in a fire. I might grab my kitten first, but the photobooth strips are a close second.

We are going to incorporate this with our guest book. We'll have some glue dots and a pair of scissors handy to cut and paste a pic in the book, along with a nice note. So much more fun than the traditional "sign here", right? I'll enlist one of my cousins to sit by and help people with the process so everything runs smoothly.

The awesome thing about these is that we will get a digital file of every image taken throughout the night. Everyone can take their photo strips home, but we will know what went down in the booth! Mums the word on this fact - I don't want our guests to know that we'll see the outcome - let the debauchery begin!

After much research, we chose one from Classic Photo Booth really only because they were the cutest, and they were very prompt with information via email. These are NOT budget friendly, but we feel like it was the ONE thing we really wanted to splurge on. The classic photo booth (including 5 hours of rental, on-site technician, setup/teardown, unlimited photos, applicable taxes) is $1800.

Another option in the Bay Area - Red Cheese -slightly more affordable, but an eyesore in my opinion. This included all above, and the cost was approx. $1600.

There are a few others (just google "photobooth" and your city, and some should pop up), but these two were the best with communication. Several companies just didn't call/email me back. Their loss!

Yay! I love this so much!

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